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Avoid the enemies, touching them hurts you.
To get rid of them change the shape of the platform so they fall off.
The available shapes are shown at the top right.
Just take care not to pull the ground out from under yourself.
Your lifes are at the top of the screen, the current progress at the top left.


Shift.......Numpad/Numbers or UIO JKL M,.

Jump........Y or LB
Shift.......Select shape with RightStick, RB to shift

Music and Sound can be disabled using the buttons at the bottom right.

As soon as you shift, try thinking about the next shape you want to use.
Then put your finger on the key so you can shift as soon as you need to.


Mephisto has had it.
Hell is overflowing and god, despite multiple sharply worded faxes, refuses to change his ridiculous entry requirements.
No other choice but to ascend to heaven for a personal meetup.
Lets just hope the almighty doesn't get up to any shenanigans.

created by @IDidGame
post-competition version of my Ludum Dare 35 entry

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